Ginger Lemon Tea .50 oz
Ginger Lemon Tea .50 oz

Ginger Lemon Tea .50 oz

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Dried ginger has a characteristic pungent, hot, tangy taste. Dried ginger is spicier than fresh ginger, and due to this difference is generally not

recommended for direct replacement in recipes calling for fresh ginger. Cut ginger is about 1/4-inch pieces, with some variation in cut size.

Tart and sweet bright lemon flavor from light-colored California lemon peel. Clean, seed-free cut pieces about ¼ to ½ inches, square cut. Used in mulling blends, sachets, beer-making, potpourris (both simmering and jar), and tea blends. Sourced from confirmed non-GMO lemons.

Great to aid in soar or horse throat, Cold and Flu.

Notes and Instructions:

Recommended brewing: 4+ minutes at 160-185°F (71-85°C).


Dried Ginger Root, Dried Lemon Peal